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SafeCRM Messaging Integration
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How It Works
How It Works
SafeCRM enforces standards that recipients can finally trust.
This is a community platform, not an e-mail or messaging gateway.
SafeCRM is an XML Web Service
SafeCRM is implemented using a REST API. XML commands are sent over HTTP or HTTPS. The XML payloads are so simple that even systems attached to slow Internet connections can provide messaging features. For example, you can send an HTML e-mail message of any size, including images, using an XML command that is less than 400 bytes. Your XML submission simply tells SafeCRM's servers to start the whole process, including physical delivery, open tracking, browser viewing, bounce detection, and preference management.
It Starts With Static Templates
Most messaging integrations involve products that service a specific vertical market. When messaging is needed, it's usually transactional and triggered by application specific business logic. These mostly include receipts, notifications, alerts, or additional offers. With SafeCRM, each of these can and must be linked to a standard SafeCRM message category. SafeCRM's policy to not allow arbitrary content, and you must upload templates that represent your various messages and associate them with a SafeCRM category. Category selection is important when recipients choose to manage their delivery preferences, and you can explore that side of SafeCRM as part of your developer account.
Then You Add Dynamic Content
Of course, you can't just have static templates. Sometimes you can get away with "something happened, visit us", but most messages require details tailored to the recipient. SafeCRM has that covered too. Your XML submissions can contain data elements that match "merge tags" within your templates. Not only can these tags render dynamic data, but they can also perform conditional rendering and repeat content, like detailed line items or customized event schedules.
The Complete Package
Effortless integration, excellent developer tools, unmatched recipient interaction, and geek-to-geek support make SafeCRM a unique and powerful embedded messaging solution.
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